Friday, August 27, 2010

Sculpture vs Drawing: Which is the more expressive art form?

In my opinion, I think that sculpting is the more expressive art form for these three reasons. Number one; a sculpture is in 3D. Number two; sculptures are more detailed than drawings. And number three; there are alot of different kinds of sculptures and many different ways to make them.

Firstly, I think that sculpting is more expressive because it is in 3D, for example, a drawing that is 2D you only draw the surface, but on a sculpture that is 3D, you are doing things to it all around the abject, and putting more expression into it.

Secondly, sculptures are more expressive because they are more detailed. I think this because when you are drawing a picture, it’s just on a flat surface, but with a sculpture you are building it up, and working on all sides.

Thirdly, there are alot of different kinds of sculptures. Some examples are, ceramics, which is moulding clay, wire sculptures, glass sculptures, stone carving, wood carving, and many more.

          In Conclusion, I think sculptures are more expressive than drawings because, they are in 3D, they are more detailed, and there are many different kinds of sculptures, and many ways to make them.